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Punctuality, professionalism and passion. Who could ask for more? - Kristen & Aaron

"Planning a wedding is definitely a task no one person wants to undertake. There are so many variables to consider and a possibility of many disappointments. This is even multiplied by the task of providing entertainment. Do I get a DJ? Do I get a live band? What will people think? Will they enjoy themselves? These are all questions to consider to provide an ideal wedding not only for you, but your guests as well who are privileged enough to share your most cherished of days.

We chose the latter. I, the very lucky groom, am a professional musician myself. So the obvious choice for me was live music. My wife and I had done an ample amount of research and had reluctantly narrowed it down to two. The first choice had a very appealing social media profile and videos. And being from out of state, we asked some questions regarding set lists and requests. Fortunately, we were very disappointed.

Fortunately disappointed is an odd choice when making comments regarding entertainment, but we were to the definition, very fortunate. Randy was kind enough to grant us an audition via Skype. We had prepared a few requests and all were answered and performed beautifully. Suffice it to say, he was hired promptly after the audition.

The day of our ceremony, Randy showed up before our agreed time to setup his gear and get situated. The agreement was for Randy to perform throughout the event and we could tack on more time if need be. Everything was perfect. He was great and only added to the awesomeness that my wife had spent so many months planning. So great in fact, that we asked for him to stay additionally to what we had agreed. The guests loved him, and more importantly my wife and I loved him. He even was kind enough to be in some of the pictures.

Randy is one of the most professional musicians I have ever encountered and I would recommend him to anyone regardless of the event. Punctuality, professionalism and just a love for what he does are what make Randy great. We were lucky enough to share our special day with him and would love for others to share the same experience as well."

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