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Aloha and congratulations on your engagement!


Whether you consider yourselves to be music lovers or not, the music at your wedding is very important. Great live music can be the difference between a fun wedding and an unforgettable one.


Randy Allen has a passion for love, marriage, and the energy surrounding matrimony. He has played for hundreds of weddings and has the professionalism to not only dazzle you and your guests but also work seamlessly with other vendors to aid in perfecting your vision while ensuring the day is all about you.


Are you unsure about which parts of your wedding to incorporate live music? There are three parts of a wedding that typically include live music - the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Often, Randy plays for all three, but according to your desires, he can play for one or two of these special moments.


1) Ceremony - Ideally, Randy likes to play thirty minutes prior to the start of the ceremony while guests are arriving and taking their seats. Most guests arrive early, but the wait could seem much longer in silence. He will then play for the actual ceremony with your desired songs. For example, a processional song for the bridal party, a song exclusively for the bride/groom as he or she walks down the aisle, then a song for the recessional as you two walk back down the aisle as a married couple. (Live music can also add a special touch directly after the ceremony if you choose to take photos, do the license signing, etc.)


2) Cocktail Hour - During this time, Randy will play lively and upbeat music for your guests while they are mingling, having drinks and appetizers, and enjoying themselves. This will give the newlywed couple, wedding party, and family ample time together to take photos and commemorate the joining of love.


3) Reception - Usually, the emcee will welcome everyone in to take their seats and will then announce the wedding party's arrival. As dinner is being served, Randy typically plays mellow and easy-listening music. Then, as your guests are finishing up, he eases into upbeat music to heighten the energy in preparation for the program. If Randy is hired after the formal program, he is sure to play fun, danceable songs for you and your guests to enjoy.


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Randy Allen Music is a fully insured business.

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